You can choose one of the following topics for the video meeting with the CTO:

  • emRadiant: Ordering and Customization of Computer Vision Systems

  • MR NIB™: Information and Ordering of Portable MRI Systems

  • Elegant NMR®: Information and Ordering of Benchtop DNP NMR Spectrometers

  • SAR-SAAR: Information and Ordering of Georadar Systems

  • HugeMDB: Information about the World's Largest Database of 3D Chemical Structures

  • OEM Development of Scientific Equipment and Software.

To make your selection, please follow the Calendly link.
Sie können eines der folgenden Themen für das Videotreffen mit dem Technischen Geschäftsführer auswählen:

  • emRadiant: Bestellung und Anpassung von Computersichtsystemen

  • MR NIB™: Informationen und Bestellung von tragbare MRT

  • Elegant NMR®: Informationen und Bestellung von Benchtop DNP NMR-Spektrometern

  • SAR-SAAR: Informationen und Bestellung von Georadarsystemen

  • HugeMDB: Informationen zur weltweit größten Datenbank für 3D-Chemiestrukturen

  • OEM-Entwicklung wissenschaftlicher Geräte und Software.

Um Ihre Auswahl zu treffen, folgen Sie bitte diesem Calendly-Link.

Many experts who are engaged in chemical analysis know that modern NMR is a terribly expensive method of analysis on account of the high cost of the equipment and its maintenance.

The Elegant NMR® system is designed to overturn this outdated state of affairs and make NMR an inexpensive and easy-to-use analytical method available to all chemical laboratories.

User Manual    Getting Started Presentation

To see how easy it is to work with the Elegant NMR® system, click on any symbol in the picture below to access the system's web interface.

You can also use our web interface on any mobile device—just enter the address into the address bar of the browser on the mobile device.

Compact configuration: the Elmathron® is equipped with the computational server.

Standard configuration: one Elmathron® is connected to one computational server.

Parallel configuration: several Elmathron® devices are connected to one computational server.

The Elegant NMR® system is not intended to work on the following conditions: In such situations, the main icon Status of All Devices and Server of Elegant NMR® Software will change its color to red:

Getting Started Presentation


Q: What is the magnetic strength in Tesla?

A: We use very weak magnets, only 1 T, because DNP in liquids only works well with magnetic fields less than 1 T. In turn, DNP improves the signal-to-noise ratio for one-dimensional spectra by about 400 times, and almost 100,000 times for multidimensional spectra. Therefore, the sensitivity of 1D is approximately as if we were capturing spectra at 100 MHz, and the sensitivity of 2D+ is approximately as if we were capturing spectra at 400 MHz.

Q: Can I get 1D spectra from Elegant NMR system?

A: The ability of the Elegant NMR measuring system to automatically interpret heteronuclear DNP NMR spectra on an adaptive grid completely disrupts the status quo in which 7- and 8-dimensional DNP NMR spectra, having sparsity values less than 0.1%, are very difficult not only to interpret, but even to visualize.

In the Elegant NMR system, such spectra are identified with reference to a huge database containing about 1.7 billion spatial molecular structures.

7-8-dimensional spectra can be projected onto one-dimensional slices and then visualized. We will implement this approach in the expert mode of the Elegant NMR software for reference purposes.

Q: Do we need to use external MW source for DNP?

A: No, Elegant NMR System is equipped with internal DNP source according to recently patented technology US 10773092 B2.

Q: Do you have HPLC/GC-MS inside, or how you separate unknown mixtures?

A: We do not separate molecules, we separate signals.

In classical HPLC, for separation to occur, we need the substances to be separated to form complexes with a stationary phase and the energy of formation of such complexes is significantly different. It is often possible to find a stationary phase that would orientate the substances to be separated well, but would not separate these mixtures well enough, for instance, because of the insufficient number of theoretical plates. In our apparatus we do not separate substances, namely, we orient them differently. This orientation affects the two-dimensional NMR spectra and it is possible, without separation, to obtain slightly different HSQC or NOE spectra, and on the basis of their correlations, to get relative concentration and pure spectra of the substances themselves.

The patented technology US 11,415,653 B2 is fully implemented inside Elegant NMR system.

Coming Soon: This is a special web page to track known bugs and expected improvements in the Elegant NMR® Software.

You can check this software online at

If you want to report bug, or suggest improvements, please, do not hesitate to send a e-mail to development at elegant-nmr dot com with the subject "ElegantNMR". We will report you regarding to this bug/improvement and if, confirmed, append to this list.

In addition, feel free to suggest interesting measurements for chemical reactions - we will perform soon several online test measurements.

Fixed bugs or completed improvements will be removed from the list, and the author, who has reported first this bug will be notified.

You can also subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the updates in this list sending e-mail to the same e-mail address with a message subscribe/unsubscribe.

Key Idea

The ELEGANT NMR® incorporates the following advantages:
  • Several-fold reduction of component costs due to a new processing method,

  • Several-fold reduction in magnet size (US Patent: US10646722B2),

  • Detection of most to all visible chemical elements and their NMR spectra in the investigated area using an advanced synchronization processing method,

  • Drastically increased sensitivity due to dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), needing only about 100 nL fluid to perform detection (US Patent: US10773092B2),

  • Improved spectrum quality and matching to database using an automatic procedure for well-known multidimensional HSQC and NOESY methods,

  • Drastically accelerated spectrum acquisition due to a non-uniform sampling (NUS) method,

  • An automatic procedure by AI for matching spectra to a predetermined reference database without deep understanding of NMR analysis, including in situations with different solvents, using a well-known least squares method,

  • An automatic procedure for analyzing chemical mixtures without a priori knowledge, even if the concentration changes during measurement, by using an advanced method for multilinear decomposition of spectra without predetermined references,

  • and many other useful features, such as solvent suppression and measurement of droplet size, flow, temperature, pressure, and density, that help to reduce the count of additional instruments needed for analyses.

The recently-patented Elegant NMR technologies for the production of uniform and focused permanent magnets, as well as for the creation of dual-band dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), make possible a new generation of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers with nanoscale measuring range. That is, one nanomole of the substance under study is sufficient for the collection of DNP-NMR spectra and unambiguous identification.

In addition, patent-pending combined NMR and chromatography technology allows the simultaneous detection of a large number of chemicals in a mixture whose respective concentrations are in the nanomolar range.

Magnet production using patented technology US 10646722 B2. Each Elmathron® device contains all the necessary electronics for DNP and signal processing, all signal transmitters and receivers for all existing non-zero spin isotopes.

The device includes 4 square meters of printed circuit boards that are fully engineered in Elegant Mathematics LLC.
Elegant Mathematics LLC performs complete software and hardware development.

Most of the components (about 70%) are from US manufacturers and final assembly is done in Germany.


Easy to operate:
  • WebApp for remote control of all analyses and operations;

  • No additional knowledge needed - the device can match unknown substances and deliver their chemical formulas and concentrations;

  • Includes separation of substances in investigated mixture (patent pending) - each measurement yields a list of substances and their concentrations; no additional knowledge of multidimensional NMR needed!

Now, this easy-to-use NMR technology is available for:
  • medical and pharmaceutical industry: an easy-to-use and affordable method for the detection of COVID-19 infection and other lung diseases,

  • universities and research institutions: for real-time monitoring of chemical synthesis,

  • chemical and oil/gas industries: for real-time, monitoring of droplet size, chemical processes, and quality control,

  • beverage and food industries: for real-time quality control,

  • industrial automation: for real-time quality control.

Suitable for nearly all chemical reactions, the Elegant NMR provides real-time monitoring of key information, allowing advanced understanding and control of reactions.


Intellectual Property

Elegant Mathematics' innovative technologies are protected by numerous patent pending applications and by the following patents:

  • US 10,646,722 B2 Production of homogeneous and focused permanent magnets from commonly available magnetic material, free of rare earth elements.

  • US 10,773,092 B2 A dual-band DNP-NMR method with no need to use very expensive turbomolecular pumps, liquid helium to cool the magnets, or other cryogenic methods.

  • US 10,773,093 B2 A method of non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging, non-invasive heating, and non-invasive ablation.

  • US 11,415,653 B2 A method and a device for detecting substances and their concentrations in a mixture using magnetic resonance.

  • US 11,707,634 B2 A method for DNP-NMR measurements.

This extensive protection has enabled the Elegant Mathematics Team to advance to the stage of producing a DNP NMR device. This device is capable of measuring multicomponent mixtures of organic substances, even at nanomolar concentrations, while accurately determining their molecular and isotopic composition, as well as the concentrations of individual components.
Die Technologien von Elegant Mathematics werden durch zahlreiche Patentanmeldungen geschützt. Dieser umfassende Schutz hat dem Elegant Mathematics Team ermöglicht, zur Produktion eines DNP-NMR-Geräts voranzuschreiten. Dieses Gerät ist in der Lage, mehrkomponentige Mischungen organischer Substanzen, selbst bei nanomolaren Konzentrationen, präzise zu messen und dabei ihre molekulare und isotopische Zusammensetzung sowie die Konzentrationen einzelner Bestandteile zu bestimmen.

  • ELEGANT NMR® (in use since Aug 2016)

  • ELMATHRON® (in use since Dec 2016)

are all registered trademarks of Elegant Mathematics LLC.

Claim Yours Now: Order Details

Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihre Bestellung: Details zum Bestellen

To place an order for the Elegant NMR® system, simply drop us an email and let us know what setup details you need. We'll take care of the rest!
Um das Elegant NMR®-System zu bestellen, schicken Sie uns einfach eine E-Mail und teilen Sie uns mit, welche Einrichtungsdetails Sie benötigen. Wir kümmern uns um den Rest!

Rest assured that we'll promptly send you a confirmation of your order along with payment details and a pro forma invoice via email.
Sie können sicher sein, dass wir Ihnen umgehend eine Bestätigung Ihrer Bestellung zusammen mit Zahlungsdetails und einer Proforma-Rechnung per E-Mail zusenden werden.

Please note that by placing an order, you agree to make a payment of 50% of the total order amount immediately, with the remaining 50% due at the time of delivery.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie durch die Bestellung eine Zahlung von 50% des Gesamtbetrags sofort leisten müssen, während die restlichen 50% bei Lieferung fällig sind.

All invoices are payable in cash and in either EU or US currency, and for your convenience, we accept payments via bank transfer only.
Alle Rechnungen sind in bar und entweder in Euro oder US-Dollar zahlbar, und für Ihre Bequemlichkeit akzeptieren wir nur Zahlungen per Banküberweisung.

We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
Wir sind bestrebt, hochwertige Produkte und exzellenten Kundenservice zu bieten, und freuen uns auf die Gelegenheit, mit Ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten.

Thank you for considering Elegant NMR®!
Vielen Dank, dass Sie Elegant NMR® in Betracht ziehen!



The warranty period begins from the moment the customer receives our equipment.
Die Garantiezeit beginnt ab dem Zeitpunkt, an dem der Kunde unsere Ausrüstung erhält.

The warranty period for the Elegant NMR® system is two years, provided that it is purchased directly from our company and mandatory intermediate inspection after one year of operation, which is subject to additional fee.
Die Garantiezeit für das Elegant NMR® System beträgt zwei Jahre, vorausgesetzt, es wird direkt bei unserem Unternehmen erworben und kostenpflichtig obligatorische Zwischenprüfung nach einem Betriebsjahr.

By successfully completing the annual paid inspection, the warranty period can be extended up to five years.
Durch die bestandene kostenpflichtige jährliche Inspektion kann die Garantiezeit auf bis zu fünf Jahre verlängert werden.

Our service includes free software updates for eight years after purchase.
Unser Service umfasst kostenlose Software-Updates für acht Jahre nach dem Kauf.

Our company guarantees that all components of the Elegant NMR® system will be free from defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period.
Unser Unternehmen garantiert, dass alle Komponenten des Elegant NMR® Systems während der Garantiezeit frei von Material- und Verarbeitungsfehlern sein werden.

In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, our company will repair or replace the affected components at no charge to the customer.
Im Falle eines durch diese Garantie abgedeckten Defekts wird unser Unternehmen die betroffenen Komponenten kostenlos reparieren oder austauschen.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, neglect, or unauthorized modifications to the Elegant NMR® system.
Diese Garantie deckt jedoch keine Schäden ab, die durch unsachgemäße Verwendung, Vernachlässigung oder unbefugte Modifikationen am Elegant NMR® System verursacht wurden.

To take advantage of this warranty, customers must provide proof of purchase from our company.
Um von dieser Garantie profitieren zu können, müssen Kunden einen Kaufnachweis von unserem Unternehmen vorlegen.

You may order a vacuum pump from us together with the system, use one already present in your laboratory, or buy one separately from a third-party company of your choice. The vacuum pump supplied with the Elegant NMR® measuring system is not covered by the Elegant Mathematics warranty.
Sie haben die Möglichkeit, bei uns eine Vakuumpumpe zusammen mit dem System zu bestellen, eine bereits vorhandene Pumpe in Ihrem Labor zu nutzen oder diese separat von einem beliebigen Drittunternehmen zu erwerben. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die mit dem Elegant NMR®-Messsystem gelieferte Vakuumpumpe nicht durch die Elegant Mathematics-Garantie abgedeckt ist.

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Our technical support and information office is always available for you.
Unser technischer Support und Informationsbüro ist jederzeit für Sie erreichbar.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or if you need assistance in choosing the right Elegant NMR® system components for your needs.
Zögern Sie bitte nicht, uns zu kontaktieren, wenn Sie Fragen zu unseren Produkten haben oder Hilfe bei der Auswahl der richtigen Komponenten des Elegant NMR®-Systems benötigen.

We are committed to providing the best possible solutions for our customers.
Wir sind bestrebt, unseren Kunden die bestmöglichen Lösungen anzubieten.

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CAGE/NCAGE (US and NATO Commercial and Government Entity): CNDX2

Elegant Mathematics technologies are protected by a plurality of patents and pending patent applications!
Die Technologien von Elegant Mathematics sind durch eine Vielzahl von Patenten und anhängigen Patentanmeldungen geschützt!

According to Par 2 Abs. 2 ElektroG, our Elegant NMR is a pure Research and Development device for university and industrial usage only; it is therefore available free from the WEEE in the EU.
According to Par 2 Abs. 2 ElektroG, our Elegant NMR is a pure Research and Development device for university and industrial usage only; it is therefore available free from the WEEE in the EU.

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